Profanity Main XMPP is an amazing instant messaging protocol that has many clients available for it. Among those clients is Profanity a console based client. For this review I will be using Arch Linux but Profanity is supported by all major operating systems including Android via Termux.

How to Install and run

$ sudo pacman -S profanity #To Install
$ profanity #To Run

Basic configuration

/connect #To Connect Your XMPP Account

Basic usage

/msg #To Send A Message To Another XMPP Account

/roster add #To Add Someone To Your Contacts

/win 1 #To Switch Windows, Home Window Is 1 The Rest Go From 2-0
#You Can Also Press "Alt+1" to "Alt+0" To Switch Windows

Encryption settings

/omemo gen #To Generate Your Clients Encryption Key
/carbons on #To Make It Possible To Receive Messages From Your Other Devices
/omemo fingerprint #To Display Your Fingerprint, Exchange This With Your Contacts Via a Secure Method
/omemo fingerprint #To View Your Contacts Fingerprint
/omemo trust xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx #To Trust Your Contacts Fingerprint
/omemo start #To Start A New Conversation With OMEMO Encryption Enabled

When OMEMO encryption is disabled


When OMEMO encryption is enabled



  • Light and fast.
  • OMEMO support.
  • Customizable
  • Console based (A must for power users).


  • Console based (If not comfortable with the console then this is a hard no for a client).
  • Image preview not supported natively (Images must be opened with a browser).


Overall Profanity is a great client if you live in the terminal. It does take some minor configuration to get working just right but nothing to hard. For most people I would imagine that they would not want to put in the time to learn to use Profanity but that’s OK there are plenty of other clients to choose from. But for those power users I cant imagine a better client than Profanity. For more information check out their website at