Conversations is an open source client for XMPP accounts. It is available for Android devices via the Google Play Store for a fee or for free from the F-Droid market. When it comes to Android XMPP clients Conversations is really the top choice, most other clients are just an offshoot of Conversations. With Conversations you get voice and video, image sharing and end-to-end encryption to name the basic features supported.

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Adding Accounts

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To register a new account click on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT, select USE MY OWN PROVIDER. Enter your desired username in the following format test@msg.outerrealm.net replacing test with your username. Be sure to enter a secure long password. You should be presented with a captcha challenge, make sure you complete it. After completing these steps your account should be created and you will be presented with an option to upload an avatar image, you can skip this step if you want to. After that you will be all setup and ready to start messaging others.

Sending Messages

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To send a message to someone you first need to add them as a contact. To do this click on the green plus icon in the bottom right corner and select Add contact. Enter the XMPP account of the person you you want to message. From here it should look very similar to every other messaging app, simply type your message and send. One thing to note is that by default Conversations enables OMEMO end-to-end encryption. This is evident by the “Send OMEMO encrypted message” phrase inside the text box. If for whatever reason you want to disable encryption you can toggle it by clicking the lock icon in the top right corner and selecting Unencrypted.


That sums up Conversations, it is an excellent XMPP client that has many features to make you never to think about going back to SMS/MMS. If you are looking for a free XMPP account to use with Conversations then I encourage you to try out OuterRealm’s free accounts.