The following are the services that I offer. I will try my best ensure these services remain active at all times and will provide advance notice if any services will be terminated or brought down.


There are many instant messaging platforms out there but in my opinion none of them offer the benefits and capabilities that XMPP offers. With XMPP not only do you get a decentralized environment similar to email but you also get the support for tested encryption methods via OTR, OMEMO and OpenPGP. If you want to learn more about XMPP then check out the official website

Our XMPP server is running Ejabberd 22.5.0 on Ubuntu. We do not harvest any data whatsoever. In fact your accounts are your accounts and we pledge to never snoop into your accounts nor retain any information on you other than what is needed for the server to get your messages to their destinations. But of course never take our word for any of this, you should always ensure that you are using end-to-end encryption with any communication that you do not want becoming public.

Our XMPP server is 100% compliant: score

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